The takeover begins – the two sides to every story

Hello there,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ivan and I am Nataskia’s husband. You might have heard, in her previous posts, how wonderful and caring of a husband/father I am to her and our girls. Here is an opportunity for you to make your own opinion.

Because here is why I am taking over her blog for this post: while I was reading her article on Alleviating winter blues with a journey of the senses, I had an idea. There are always two sides to a story, and I thought it could be interesting to share with you my point of view on some of Nataskia’s posts.

See, Nataskia and I have a few things in common (besides our girls) and the main interest we share would be food, good food (and wine but that’s mainly me) and travel.

Although I didn’t live in as many countries as Nataskia did, I had my fair share of experiences travelling (mainly in Asia) and living abroad as an expat, both as a kid and adult.

So while I was reading her last post, I thought to myself that while what she was recounting was nice and interesting, I realised the experiences we shared together are not always perceived the same way by both of us; that the takeaways after a fortunate or unfortunate event are not necessarily the same.

All that led me to the idea to rewrite Nataskia’s posts from my perspective. Like for example, in the article I mentioned above, she left out all the GOOD stuff, like the sweet-sour refreshing lime juice drink you HAVE to try. Or char siu, succulent pieces of barbecued pork marinated in a sauce packed with spices and garlic.

Obviously, not all our travels, experiences, or whatever she wants to write about while we were together led to a diametrically different take.

Therefore, from time to time, with Nataskia’s approval of course (as for everything else), I will pick one of her post and rewrite it by telling you how I saw it, how I felt, how I lived it.

… And this will be MY side of the story!



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