The small token of restarting – farewell 2020, welcome 2021

Sometimes it’s the small things in life. The things that can pass us by with barely a glimpse that have the most impact on us. We hardly even register it and shrug it off as it’s no longer unique, something of no importance.

Like viewing a sunset from a window, where the sun’s golden yellow hues transform itself and the sky to deep oranges and fiery reds. As the night creeps in with its purple and we take for granted the warmth the rays of the sun gave us until we are enveloped in the dark, and we slowly switch the house lamps on one by one.

Inside, it’s now the glow of the lamps, the Christmas tree lights, and the fairy lights, which don’t give the physical warmth but an inner glow of peace and cosiness. Of happiness, as this day comes to a close, we will go to sleep knowing that tomorrow brings with it another day. And that this day is no ordinary day (and yet, at the same time it is), but that this day is the day we start anew. We start with a clean slate, of starting with “one”.

So while this act of the sun setting, the night approaching and the lights illuminating happens each day, it is on this last day of the year where this small token of restarting can feel like it has the most significant impact: farewell 2020 and welcome 2021.

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