The unknown destination

The unknown destination…destination…unknown? What is this place where we think we need to head towards, yet don’t have the map or directions on how to get there?

Is it a physical place? Is it metaphorical? Is it talking about *gasp* my internal self-discovery journey (which is very much a work in progress)?

What is an unknown destination? Is it a place we haven’t been to before? Or is it a destination where we really can’t visit (like the fabled Atlantis)? Or is it more of an idea, where you just take a chance, arriving at the airport and making a choice wherever your heart decides to take you.

When it came to my father’s job, sometimes it was a gamble…where were we going to be posted to next? He would make a list of the top five places (respective to openings available during the same transfer period) he would like to be posted at. Sometimes he got the top spot and sometimes a place that he never even listed. It was exciting and at the same time nerve-wrecking.

The vehicle we call life

Sometimes we follow, other times we get to choose where we want to go. How do we make those decisions? What drives us to pack up and leave everything we know behind and go? Love? Adventure?

I still toy with the idea of “packing up and go”. Am I settled where I am? Yes. I have family close by, friends, a lovely home for my family. When we repatriated back to France I seriously thought “this is it…we are staying in France for the long-term”. And yet….here I am one year later and my thoughts have gone from “we’re staying permanently” to “which country can we go and live in next?”

Where exactly? I have no idea. I want to go back to Asia but this time South East Asia. How will that happen? I have no idea either. And maybe that’s the idea or concept of the unknown destination – we let destiny be the driver in the vehicle we call life. Sometimes we have a fixed notion of where we want to go and why. Sometimes we don’t and it brings us to the most unexpected, life-changing moments.

Feeling the pull

We feel a pull…this invisible string that tries to tug us to one place over the other. Have you stopped to think why? Why do you want to go so badly to Japan? Because of what other people have said? The culture (and if it’s the culture, what *specifically* about it that makes you choose it over another one?) The media? Have we been brainwashed from the media into thinking that this is where we *need* to go?

I suppose I haven’t really thought about it until now.

And what if…just what if…this unknown destination isn’t actually a place but is something *within* ourselves? What would we find? Where would we go? How can we find what we really want from within? What inner qualities are within us that help us make the decisions of where we physically want to go and why? Cue existential crisis and defining what my *purpose* is.

The metaphorical journey

Jokes aside, sometimes we need to take a closer look at who we are on a soul level to help us understand where we need to be and go. It’s not easy and even the journey that will fulfil our soul is wrought with obstacles. And if it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be learning and growing.

I wish I could tell you, dear reader, that ‘Yes! I have the answer!’ But I don’t. I sometimes want all the answers and yet, sometimes the not-knowing is what builds the character, builds the adventure, builds the memories. So here’s three cheers for “the unknown destination”.

Go ahead and let me know – what are your thoughts on an “unknown destination”?

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