(A)Musing Monday

Each Monday I’ll post a picture of a place I’ve been to or lived in, along with some thoughts to go with it. This week it is from Melbourne in Victoria, Australia.

Ohhhh American Doughnut Kitchen truck. How I miss thee. I lived in Melbourne for three years where I was an international student studying a Bachelor of Journalism at La Trobe University. I would take comfort in these delicious jam doughnuts, fresh from the fryer with a light sprinkle of cinnamon sugar and a strawberry filling. Remembering how I would give a quick “foo foo” of air to cool it down slightly before taking a bite into the pillowy soft, chewy dough and instantly regretting I didn’t wait longer when my tongue gets punished from the still piping insides.

My adventures in Melbourne were special, it was the first time I was branching off on my own, where I decided to live, literally, on the other side of the world from my parents. They had just relocated from the Netherlands to the Dominican Republic so we were a good many kilometres and time zones away.

Was it difficult? Definitely. Growing up and moving around from place to place the only “family” one has is your immediate family. We did everything together and “alone” from extended family members because no one was around. Christmas? Yep, just the four of us. Birthdays? Yep, just the four of us. We also missed out on the many births and weddings of extended family.

Was moving that far from my family worth it? Definitely. I was a young adult, and so all the decisions (good and bad) were mine and mine alone. Fried doughnuts for breakfast (ahhhh, that doughnut food truck was amazing…especially when the doughnuts were fresh and had a strawberry jam filling)? Sure! Poor budgeting skills? Nailed it (by the end of the month, I would eat 10 cent instant noodles….ahhh memories)!

But I learned how to cook, how to look for an apartment and ask the important questions, learned how to travel by myself and navigate my way around, getting a part-time job and (eventually) some better eating habits.

And of course, those life skills have carried onto today (yes, even eating doughnuts for breakfast). I remember a room mate of mine was a foreign exchange student for a semester. She was 22 and her parents had done everything for her. She had to learn the very hard way of putting a red sock with a bunch of white clothes. BUT it was her mistake to make and I bet you until this day, she NEVER mixes colours and whites.

Now, I recognise this doesn’t just pertain to those who moved countries to live and study. It happens anywhere, it’s part of the growing process.

So what I want to know is….which good or bad life skills have you kept? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “(A)Musing Monday

  1. How to write a cheque – not that we use it so often anymore but when I got my first house 4 years back the landlord wanted a security deposit cheque. I had never written a cheque before and it was quite amusing to my landlord. 🙈🙈

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