(A)Musing Monday

Each Monday I’ll post a picture of a place I’ve been to or lived in, along with some reflections to go with it. This week it is about my very first trip to Paris (oh la la).

I felt it was only fitting to start this post with a photo of Paris, seeing as I am now calling this city home (for the second time!). While technically not an expat here anymore as I have a French husband, this photo reminds me of when I first visited the city (circa 2005) and I fell in love…hard. Yes yes, it’s a cliché and who wouldn’t be mesmerised by the city of light?

However, I immediately felt as if I was “home”, which is rare considering I had no real “home” growing up as a Third Culture Kid. Going from country to country, home was where ever I was living at the time…and more concretely, where ever my parents were. As they continued their expat life and I went and did my own, I had two “homes” – one where I was living and one in the country where ever my parents were living.

So when I came to Paris and felt this feeling of “home” without me actually having lived here nor my parents, it was different…and interesting…and in a way, a sense of relief.

I can only imagine the past lives I must have had in this city! So after this first visit, I kept coming back…and back…and back for more. Eventually I moved here for a few years before uprooting and heading towards another adventure.

What about you? Which city or country have you visited or lived in (besides your own) makes you feel like you are “home”. Why do you think that is and if not, how do you think you can make this place feel like you are “home”?

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