Musings of a holistic expat

Hello! And…welcome!

Here I am, starting this up because I know what it’s like to be there…lost, uncertain, not knowing where to even begin, with something…anything! You see, I am a serial expat (some of it by choice, others not) since I was a wee baby and somehow, that has continued into adulthood. And now, I’m the one bringing *my* kids along to new countries to live in.

And along the way, I found spirituality…and when I found this I realised that actually, I have always been the proverbial “shoulder to cry on” and person friends come to talk and release about their problems.

And I discovered Reiki and love helping people through Reiki sessions…and I enjoy writing…and therefore here we are. Welcome to “Musings of a holistic expat”!

I wanted to merge these two worlds of mine together. Through my posts, I’m hoping to impart some of my knowledge of being a continuous expat to help someone, anyone, out there who may stumble upon my words and feel that it resonates with them.

It will be a mixture of healing and expat-ness (perhaps with a cafe thrown in or two), merging my two worlds into one.

So let’s go – first post. Come and take a journey with me, wherever that may be.



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